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Did you know that Gold Coast Building Approvals are also a QBCC licensed Pool Safety Inspector?


For further information, see the FAQ’s below or alternatively contact the friendly team via email or drop them a line and they will be more than happy to assist.


Owners Obligations and Responsibility?

If you own a pool or spa located at a home, short or long-term accommodation premise, you are

responsible for ensuring it complies with the Queensland pool safety standard. This includes pools at

houses, unit complexes, hotels, motels, backpacker accommodation, and caravan and holiday parks.

If you rent a property, the pool owner is always responsible for ensuring that the pool complies with the

pool safety standard and all barriers are kept in good condition. When a property is rented, this is usually

the property owner, however if the tenant purchases a pool they are responsible for compliance.

Tenants are responsible for ensuring climbable objects are not placed against the fence.

If it is a shared pool and the property is managed by a body corporate, the responsibility generally lies

with the body corporate.

How long have pool owners had to make sure they're compliant?

The current laws came into effect back in 2010, so pool owners have had a five year grace period to get

their pool fence compliant. On 1 December 2015, the phase-in period will end so all pools will be required

to comply. Since 2010, it was only those selling or leasing their properties that needed to be compliant

with the current standard. 

How soon should you expect to receive your Safety Certificate? 

Within 2 business days of Inspection


What happens if my pool doesn't comply when an pool safety Inspector comes to the property?

If you choose to get a formal inspection and your pool doesn't comply, you will receive a non-conformity

notice Form 36.  If you don't request a re-inspection within three months, the pool safety inspector must

give a copy of the notice to your local government within


How often do I need to obtain a pool safety certificate? 

If you are selling or leasing your house with a pool or spas, a pool safety certificate must be obtained from

a licensed pool safety inspector. If selling your home, you must provide the buyer with the safety

certificate prior to settlement.

If you are residing at the property consecutively for a period of 2 years or more and are the owner, you

must have your pool inspected every 2 years.

Penalties for non-compliance

Local governments have the power to investigate compliance with pool safety standards and can issue


If you don't comply with pool safety standards, local governments can issue on-the- spot fines of $853.30

for individuals and $2438 for companies. The maximum penalty a court can impose is $20,113.50.

If you are concerned about missing the 1 December compliance deadline, please contact your local


If you fail to register your pool, QBCC can issue penalties which includes an on-the- spot fine of $243.80

for individuals or $731.40 for companies. The court can impose a maximum penalty of up to $2438.

Pool owners need to be aware that any person who props open a pool gate is liable to an on-the- spot fine

of over $450.

Must I use the same Pool Safety Inspector for my reinspection?

Yes. If you require a reinspection due to non compliance,by law, the same PSI is to re-inspect the pool

barrier once repairs have been made. As a pool owner, you are also bound by law to use the same PSI

for your second inspection.

Fees - 

Our fees are fixed for your peace of mind so you the owner are not caught out by any nasty surprises.

A Pool Safety Inspection consists of $150+Gst for the inspection and $36.80 for a Pool Safety Certificate

should it pass on the first time.

If the pool barrier requires re inspection, or multiple inspections as a result of non compliance then each

re inspection will cost $150+Gst and $36.80 for a Pool Safety Certificate.

All accounts are to be paid in full prior to any inspections.

More information on pool safety can be found here: